Common Lies/Beliefs that Keep you Single!

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Lies and Limiting beliefs

Did you know that there are common lies/beliefs that keep you single?

How you think and what you focus on has a huge impact on what you get in life.

With this in mind it is a good idea to look at some commonly held beliefs as they can often be limiting.

7 Common lies/beliefs that keep you single!

1. All the good singles are taken

Running a singles business for over almost 8 years I can let you know there are so many awesome singles out there. The problem can be that you can get in the habit of going to the same places and doing the same things. This means you may never cross paths with these awesome singles. So it is time to do something totally different that will bring you in contact with them.

2. I have already met my soul mate and you only get one chance

I have heard this from so many singles that they have found a great love once and you only get one chance. This is NOT true. If you found love once you can again and you know exactly what it looks like and feels like!

3. Looking for love is too hard

Dating is what you make of it! If you think it is too much hard work it will be! But if you relax and enjoy the experience it won’t be. Dating is a process of finding out who and what you like. A bit like learning how to play darts – your aim gets so much better with practice!

4. If they aren’t everything you want you can’t be bothered

No-one is perfect and looking for what matches our values is more important. Remember you aren’t totally perfect either but you would be great in a relationship. Same applies to many singles out there. I am often asked what makes the best matches – I would say shared values are more important than shared interests.

5. They are not as great as my girlfriends/mates

Your girlfriends or mates are great but there is a place they can’t fill.Last two only relate to women.

6. Most single guys are players, liars and cheats

This is not true, there are so many quality single guys out there. Often the guys who approach you in a club or pub are these things but that is why you need to expand where you go to meet singles! Also start to believe there are great guys out there for you, if you think all guys are players that is all you will see. If you are always looking for the worst you are bound to find it.

7. Men don’t want a relationship

Again I meet so many men who genuinely want a relationship, in fact a lot of the research indicates that men want a serious relationship more than women.

By Debbie Rivers

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