Life Hacks: 5 Internet Dating Hacks for Men

By 18 February, 2015 December 28th, 2015 Blog
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Want practical ways to make dating simple? Here are 5 dating hacks to improve your chances online:

Hack #1 Be Unique

Your profile is your advertisement to the women you want to attract. It is not a list of what you don’t want. The type of woman you want to attract will be contacted by a large number of men so you need to stand out from the crowd in a good way.  Use good photographs that show the woman what you look like – photos matter. Photos to avoid are: ones where you have cut out your ex; holding a fish; a profile picture with a child in it and bleary photos taken from a distance.

Hack #2 Approach Matters

Use casual conversation in your email to make the woman want to talk to you.  Do not send ‘hey what are you doing’ and DO NOT say you don’t like typing,  here is my number. Taking this approach is the equivalent of approaching a girl in a pub, giving her your number and asking her to call. How often do you think the girl would call you? I would say rarely! The same applies to online dating. The secret is to get the girl to want to talk to you with fun conversation.  This  doesn’t have to take a long time and it is worth it, to meet the right person. Oh and don’t put yourself down when emailing or talking on the phone – women love confident men.

Hack #3 Spelling Matters

Women are instantly put off by poor spelling and grammar in a profile, get someone to check your profile prior to putting it online.

Hack #4 Safety is Important

Women value safety so keep this in mind when chatting. A women who lives alone may feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when asked – ‘Do any of your kids live with you’. Why, because if they say they don’t, they are telling you they live alone. Asking a woman to email your personal email address can  make her feel uncomfortable as most email addresses show a person’s full name. It is also a common trick used by scammers and you do not want to look like one! Oh and if you do choose to Google the women don’t tell her you did so – it comes across as creepy!

Hack #5 Have a Plan

When you do arrange to meet have a plan. Women love a guy with confidence and a plan. You could suggest somewhere and ask her if this suits her or would she prefer somewhere else.


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As always, happy dating.

Debbie xxx

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