Life Hacks: 5 Internet Dating Hacks for Women

By 9 February, 2015 December 28th, 2015 Blog
Internet Dating Hacks Women

Do you want practical ways to make dating simple? Here are 5 dating hacks to improve your chances online:

Hack #1 Be Unique

Your profile is your ad to the guy you want to attract. It is not a list of what you don’t want! If your profile is a list of what you don’t want, it will paint the picture that you are judgmental and picky. Men love women who are fun and easy going – a woman they have a chance of being successful with.

Hack #2 Photos Matter

Men are visual! You need a recent full length photo. There is NO point misrepresenting yourself as it is the one thing that annoys every guy. Your photographs are your ad and are more important to the guy than what you have written.

Hack #3 Be mysterious/fun

Guys love women who are fun, easy going, who do not look for drama and who are not hard work. Women can be guilty of sharing too much too soon – DON’T. There is plenty of time to share  personal information, DON’T do it early on.  Guys think differently to women and love mystery.

Hack #4 Don’t Interview

Don’t interview the guy, no-one likes to be put on the spot or feel judged. Avoid topics attempting to find out how much money he makes – this doesn’t come across well and you risk looking like a gold digger.

Hack #5 Talk before you meet

Talk before you meet it will save you time/disappointment. Voices are important! Would you date somebody whose voice you hated. Talking to the guy before you meet will give you a better idea if you will get on with each other. It saves wasting time meeting people who will never work for you.

As always happy dating and watch out for next weeks Internet Dating Hacks for Men.

Debbie xx

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