Did you know being in love could save you $8000 per year?

By 3 March, 2015 January 14th, 2016 Blog
being in love can save you money

Did you know that finding love could potentially save the average single $8000 per year? This is according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission figures.

Why does it cost so much more to be single? It is simple; the single person is solely responsible for rent, utilities, fuel, groceries, etc. Basically if you live alone there are no benefits of sharing costs.

Not only does being in being in love save you money, your body and mind will also benefit. According to endless studies it has numerous advantages!

Here are 12 benefits of being in love:

  1. Being in love helps you live longer. Did you know that if you kiss every morning you can live 5 years longer?
  2. When you are in love you will hug often and this releases oxytocin which is the feel good/comfort hormone.
  3. When you are in love the body produces so many feel good hormones which make you feel healthier and happier.
  4. Living with the person you love can dramatically improve the health of your heart and prevent heart attacks. But on the flipside you are more at risk of a heart attack if you keep changing partner!
  5. Being in love makes you look the best version of you. It makes you look younger; so you can save money on Botox and aging products, as well as living costs!
  6. It boosts your immunity and helps you fight all forms of disease/sickness and relieves pain.
  7. It reduces stress and makes you less susceptible to depression. Again constantly changing partners does the opposite.
  8. It gives you more energy.
  9. Being in love improves your self-confidence.
  10. It can make your hair healthier and shinier.
  11. Being in love can help your body burn fat quicker.
  12. Being in love gives you a natural form of amphetamine. No wonder it feels good and is addictive. Did you know the only other natural form is found in chocolate? No wonder we eat chocolate after a break up to make us feel better!

With all those benefits who wouldn’t want to fall in love! Why not try an upcoming Dare2Date you may just meet the one.

Debbie x

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