Why meet face to face?

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Face to Face

Today  it is harder than ever to meet other single people. This is the reason I started Dare2date.

The internet has become the most popular way to meet other singles and one I totally understand. However, research (including research from the University of Michigan) has found:

  • Online daters are more likely to break up in their first year.
  • Couples who met online are 3 times more likely to divorce  than couples who met face to face.
  • Dating cycles of online daters is shorter. They are more likely to leave an unsatisfying relationship as they know there is more choice online.
  • Internet dating gives singles the impression they have more choice than they actually do; as there are 100’s of new profiles every month.
  • Internet dating is convenient – it is like having a nightclub in your lounge room. The risk is less as you won’t be rejected face to face but it is easy to get addicted to the high level of instant gratification and not give a relationship a chance.
  • Looking at a lot of online profiles makes people more judgemental (US Association of Psychologists).
  • Online dating sites use algorithms to match similar people. So you meet people just like you-they have the same taste in music, movies, etc. Same/same doesn’t make for the best relationships.
  • A picture and profile do not give you an accurate picture of how the person actually is.

So what are the benefits of meeting face to face?

  • Research has shown that the survival of the human race has happened from choosing people who have the strongest genes. This is why opposites often attract.
  • Meeting face to face allows you to find out so much about a person that you wouldn’t be aware of. You subconsciously pick up clues about the person’s suitability  based on  their DNA and yours. You consciously and sub-consciously assess the person’s  body size, height, shape of their face, the smell (pheromones), their hair and skin tone. This lets you work out if the person will be a good partner.
  • Being sexually attracted to someone is important and this comes from our senses – what we see, what we smell and touch. This can’t happen viewing a online dating profile – it can only happen face to face. When we ‘fancy’ someone it sets of biological triggers. The problem with online dating is you may not consider someone who would be great for you, while wasting time on someone who never will  be.
  • 93% of how we communicate is not based on what we say but on body language, tone and facial expressions. There is so much we subconsciously pick up that we aren’t aware of – you need to trust this.
  • When you randomly meet someone, you don’t share too much information. On the internet you can ask ANYTHING – people ask things they wouldn’t dare to ask in person. There is a lot to be said for getting to know each other slowly and in a natural way.

In conclusion to these facts I believe love is real, special and rare no matter how you meet. You will meet a lot of people in your life time who are good looking, fun and successful but these factors don’t make you fall in love or want to spend the rest of your life with the person. So what you need to do is get out there and meet people – if you do chose the internet meet the person sooner rather than later and don’t be fooled into thinking there is endless choice!

Through Dare2Date I offer a number of affordable social events where you can easily meet other quality singles face to face – so try a variety of ways to meet ‘the one’. Be open and vulnerable to love because it really is worthwhile and it makes us happier, healthier and wealthier.

Happy dating x

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