Men – 11 Proven ways to be Successful at Online Dating

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Are you doing online dating and struggling to get women to meet you?

Are you sending email after email, only to be rejected?

If this is you here are a few simple changes that will make ALL the difference and get you face2face meetings.


This is first thing women see is your profile. Whether you like it or not it is your advertisement for a ‘relationship’. Your success depends on how well you market yourself. To read in-depth tips on how to have a great profile – click here.

  1. Get a great photo. So many men have terrible online photos. If you have bad photos they will be stoping you from getting dates.  I have reviewed many profiles and can see exactly why men are being rejected; one of the reasons is their photos don’t present them in the best light.
  2. Taglines matter. This will get a women’s attention. Avoid soppy boring taglines.
  3. Write an engaging non-generic profile. This will make you stand out and show who you are. Lose the clichés like I like walking along the beach, weekends down south, etc.


Men your online approach to women can be poor. There are simple things you may be doing that are preventing you from achieving results.

  1. Guys you wouldn’t approach a girl in a pub, hand her your number, say call me and walk away! You know this generally doesn’t work. So why do you think this will work online? This is a common mistake many men make and it will instantly put women off.
  2. Saying you don’t email back and forth; I just want to meet you ASAP does not work. This puts women off for two reasons! An attractive women receives lots of messages from guys and she is  physically unable to meet everyone. The second reason is she needs to chat to you to give her a reason to meet  you. You may not like the emailing back and forth but it will give you the results you are looking for.
  3. Did you know that 90% of people on dating apps are bored out of their brains. So don’t use a standard template email to every woman you email. Look at her profile and use something from it to chat to her. It shows you are interested in her and women love this.
  4. Don’t use a ‘bio’ email. This is where you send a long email talking all about yourself. In the normal world of dating you find out about a person step by step not in one hit. So treat online dating the same. Have an email conversation with her – it is way more interesting. There is plenty of time for the nitty gritty. Women look for a conversation that flows and is fun too. Stay away from ‘How was your weekend’? This is SO boring, along with ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’. This is not a conversation. Find some common ground to have a great conversation.
  5. Men don’t rush to get the girl off the online dating site. I understand it is easier to message on a phone, but women feel SAFER chatting online in the beginning. Why? Because there is protection from the dating company if anything inappropriate occurs. Security is not an issue for men in the same way it is for women. Be aware of this.
  6. Women feel the same about meeting a guy too soon. So invest some time and effort into chatting first – the results will be worth it.
  7. Funny light hearted conversations are always best and you can still find out plenty about the person. Bring back the fun to dating!
  8. Don’t be creepy, if you contact a girl and she says no – that’s exactly what it means!
  9. Girls love compliments but sending a girl a message saying she is beautiful or hot is not effective. Women want you to show interest in ‘them’ not how they look. Compliment their interests.
  10. Don’t talk baggage online, there is plenty of time to tell them the less desirable things. I know men who say things that instantly put women off. Let someone get to know you and like you before you tell them your stuff.
  11. Finally don’t fall in the trap of never asking for a date!


The first is a bad (boring) example  and the second a good example.


Him: Good morning thanks for replying to my kiss. I live in Joondanna, I have 3 kids who don’t live at home. They are 25, 20 and 16. My sons are musicians and my daughter is studying hard at school. I run my own business and look forward to hearing from you. Doug.

Most of what he has told me is in his online profile and it is simply boring and didn’t make him stand out.


Here is an example of a fun conversation I had with a guy online :

My Profile said ‘Finally believe it or not I am not looking for the perfect man. Perfection is often boring! If you are funny and can make me laugh, I already like you and if you are kind as well, then I can’t wait to meet you.’

1st email HimHi FreeThirtyDayTrial. Believe it or not you have hit the jackpot! I am anything but perfect but will have you laughing out loud. Just wondering does the free trial start with the first email or when we meet? Fred

Me:   Hi Fred, my name is Debbie or Deb. Good to know and love a guy who can make me laugh. The free trial starts when we meet!

Him: Awesome. I liked the picture of you kayaking – although you don’t seem to be doing a lot of work! I go kayaking regularly and love it. Is it something you like to do?

Me:   Ha it was a lazy moment – I can assure you I was working hard most of the time. Have gone kayaking with a friend a couple of times and love it. Would love to do more – is yours a one or two person kayak?

Him: One, but I could tow you along on a tyre, maybe even feed you grapes! What do you think?!

So nothing was said about work, kids, life but it was fun, showed his sense of hour and made me want to meet him.

Remember that 90% of people are bored out of their brains online – so don’t be boring.

At Dare2Date our aim is to make your dating life easier with a range of services:

  • Reviewing your existing profile and making recommendations to improve it.
  • Writing your online profile for you.
  • Arranging great photographs.
  • We can manage your online dating and all you need to do is turn up to dates.
  • Dating Coaching .

Happy dating.

Debbie x

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