What men really think about makeup!

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I am always surprised at what men do and don’t find attractive. At how different their idea of beauty is to mine and women’s in general. As a woman, I have often thought another women is hot/attractive/beautiful and over the years have asked the man I am with if they agree, only to find out that they don’t.

Then when it comes to the whole idea of makeup, guys have often told me that they don’t like women wearing a lot of makeup. So it is no surprise to me when a recent Zoosk survey of 1850 male dated confirmed this fact.

Zoosk got the men to compare photos of celebrities with and without makeup to see which they preferred. The majority chose the ‘makeup’ free look rather than the ‘glammed up’ look.

When shown a picture of Jessica Alba, 77% preferred her makeup free compared to 23% who preferred Kim Kardashian glammed up.

51% of men preferred Jessica Simpson with a natural look.

54% preferred Jennifer Lawrence with a more natural look than wearing bright red lipstick.

Then Zoosk asked the men to look at 1000’s of online dating profiles and these were the results:

  • 81% preferred a relaxed natural hairstyle – with only 9% preferring the dead straight look (time to get rid of the hair straighteners, but maybe not time to bring back the perm)!
  • Women wearing eye makeup received 139% more first messages than women who don’t, but 67% of men didn’t like dark eye shadow.
  • 65% of men are more likely to want to meet a women if she is earing eye makeup in her profile picture.
  • Women wearing lipstick in their profile picture get 119% more first messages than those who didn’t.
  • 57% of men didn’t like red lipstick.
  • 38% of men are more likely to want to meet a woman if she is wearing lipstick in her profile picture.
  • Women wearing blush get 24% more first messages than those who don’t.

Overall women who wore some makeup received three times more messages than those who didn’t.

So what does the survey tell us – men don’t like the over-the-top glamour look, they prefer a more natural look. However, when men talk about the natural look they don’t mean how you look first thing in the morning. Women do not need to copy celebrities’ glammed up look  to find a man – in fact it may have the opposite effect.

However, if you want to be successful on, online dating you  do need to present your best possible look. Online dating is competitive and when you are initially judged on your profile photo it is important to look your best with natural looking makeup. So if you are looking to attract a man on, online dating it is a good idea to know what men like and choose on this platform,  so you have a better chance of quality guys contacting you.

But an additional word of warning don’t post a photograph that looks nothing like you – you may get a first date this way, but you won’t get a second one. One of the biggest complaints from men and women are the photographs are old and don’t look anything like the person they are meeting. Oh and one final tip remember to smile, as guys are more attracted to happy smiling women.

Happy Dating x


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