So you’ve met someone – what you do now matters!

By 29 October, 2014 December 28th, 2015 Blog
Met Someone

So you have met someone at speed dating, dinner dating, while you were out or on the internet! What you do now will make all the difference to whether they chose to see you again or not!

Now the dating experience can be fun or it can be hard work. It all depends on how you view it. If you relax and don’t put too much pressure or expectations on things it  will be so much easier and believe it or not fun!


BE CONFIDENT! Believe in yourself – if you do, so will they. This is my number one tip.

Now you may be an awesome person but doing something simple that puts people off. Here are some things to avoid doing – all of these are common real life dating mistakes!

  • Coming across too keen. Everyone looks for someone who is confident and believes in themselves. When you are overly keen you paint the picture that you aren’t confident or you don’t have any other options. No-one wants to date the person who has no other options. An example of coming across too keen is you have just received your speed dating matches and you email/text the person the minute you get them.  This gives the impression you have no life and puts people off.
  • We all want someone of ‘high value’ – it is simply human nature. So there is nothing worse than telling a person you don’t have any luck with the opposite sex; that you are not good looking enough; that you don’t have enough money; that they won’t date you, etc. Being negative about yourself is an instant put off. If no-one else wants you, why would your date!
  • Putting too many expectations on a date/person. You have met someone who looks promising and you see a lot of potential. In this scenario it is all too easy to come across as needy. If you have ever been on the other side of these expectations you will know what I mean – it feels a little bit like a noose around your neck!
  • Sending multiple texts/emails without receiving a reply. The rule is one for one. I have men/women who have received their matches, emailed a person and not had a response within a couple of days. You may constantly check your emails, but not everyone does and another problem with email is that your email may have gone to spam. Sending multiple messages comes across as desperate/needy.
  • Giving too much personal information too quickly. Enjoy the dating process, have fun, relax. It is not a job interview and people need to like you before you share everything with them. People are more likely to accept you when they know you, however, they could just as easily write you off if you share too many secrets too quickly.
  • Accept that the person you have just met is busy and don’t pressure them to see you.
  • Don’t be judgemental and critical – no-one likes this.

Anyway just relax and enjoy dating. Dating is an experience that allows you to know what you like and what you are looking for, as long as you treat people with respect, tact and honesty it can be enjoyable for everyone.

As always happy dating x


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