New Year, New Dating Trends – What You Need to Know in 2019

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A new year comes with new dating trends and here is what you need to know in 2019.

The good news is seven out of eight of the dating trends are positive for once!

Here is what to expect……..

8 Dating Trends for 2019

1. The Paradox of Choice – Analysis Paralysis

An ongoing trend is the I Paradox of Choice – analysis paralysis. It is where you feel you have so many choices that you don’t make any.

Analysis Paralysis happens in all areas of our lives including dating. Online dating is like a giant catalogue in the sky full of attractive singles leaving you feeling like there ‘could’ be someone better out there for you.

Analysis paralysis prevents you from finding the happiness you are looking for.

For love to make a comeback in 2019 it is time to lose this dating trend, to ditch mindless swiping by being more intentional about dating. It is time to ditch the superficial and seek meaningful connections through shared values and choosing singles with the qualities you need to create lasting love.

2. Grande-ing – my favourite Dating Trend

Finally, there is a good/healthy dating trend that doesn’t involve ignoring people or cheating – Grande-ing.

Grande-ing comes from Ariane Grande’s hit Thank U where she thanks her past partners for how they’ve helped her learn and grow. She lists her exes, says what they taught her. Ariana said one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain.

The term Grande-ing came from Plenty of Fish. PoF found 46% admit to Grande-ing and that women Grande significantly more than men, (53% for women, 40% for men). Age also matters with older people are more likely to be grateful for their exes.

It may seem hard if you had a terrible break up or you were badly hurt by your ex. But even if you broke up in the worst possible way, there can still be something positive to learn – even if it is just to value yourself more!

Every relationship can teach you something and be a way to grow and become the best version of yourself. Take the time to look at the lesson that person came into your life to teach you. Each relationship has a lesson that can be learnt, they allow you to find your what is important to you and what you need to feel in a relationship. Breakups are painful and a broken heart does hurt but this too shall pass.

You can be grateful for your exes. For what they’ve taught you and embrace 2019 with a fresh perspective. If things didn’t work out in 2018, this trend will help you be wiser, braver and stronger going into the new year.

3. Adventure Dating – the Fun Trend

Dating can be tough and singles are looking for new experiences and more excitement in 2019. Tinder’s Year in Swipe data found that ‘fun’ and ‘adventure’ were among the top terms in profiles.

Did you know that dates that include adrenaline-pumping adventures can create faster love connections?

Having a fun, and slightly terrifying, experience like a rollercoaster ride, skydiving or rock climbing, releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine, referred to as the love chemical, is connected to our pleasure centre and positively reinforces the “good” feelings you get from doing an exciting activity and creates an emotional connection to the person you are with.

Adventure dates can stimulate desire, euphoria, attraction and arousal.  So, if you take that person you’ve been dreaming about on an adventurous date, you significantly increase your chances of winning them over.

Time to think beyond the coffee/drink date and try this fun trend by choosing something new and exciting.

4. Kindness Is New Black

Dating in 2018 is known for its bad behaviour and comes with a list of new terms that describe the behaviour like ghosting benching and breadcrumbing!

It may be difficult to tell someone you are not interested in them and it is much easier to say nothing at all. But it is time to end dating relationships with kindness instead of ghosting. Put yourself in the other person’s position and chose kindness every time. This dating trend  will have the carry on effect of making the dating environment a better place with less jaded singles. Read – How to Break up with Someone other than Ghosting for tips on how to do it!

5. Friendship First – Benefits of the Friends Zone

It is a growing trend to be friends first!

Dating in 2018 is superficial and it is easier to rule someone out rather than rule them in. In the online dating world decisions are made on looks alone and this isn’t working.

The most successful relationships I know, would never have happened in this environment. These couples tell me they would have rejected the person they now love if they had seen a photo of them online or met at a speed dating event!

Time to be friends first and get to know others without the pressure of how loaded dating has become.

Did you know that the most successful way to meet someone is through friends., so even if the person isn’t for you, you may meet someone through them?

Time for Friendship first, as dating success comes from the friend zone!

6. More Initiative Tech Solutions

In 2018 dating app fatigue was a huge problem which the dating platforms recognise. In 2019 the trend will be to seemore initiative tech solutions to solve this problem.

Dating apps will be using artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest where to go on a first date, to recommend what to say and even find a celebrity look alike. Here is what is already happening in the tech space:

  1. eHarmony is developing an AI feature that nudges uses to suggest meeting in person after you having been chatting online for a while.
  2. British dating app Loveflutter  plans to use AI to analyse chats between its user to work out compatibility and suggest when they should meet.
  3. An entirely voice operated dating app called AIMM uses AI to mirror a matchmaking service and is being tested in Denver on 1,000 users.
  4. Badoo is now using AI and facial recognition tech to let users find a match that looks like anyone at all!

In the future they are also looking at wearable devices that track attraction and then match you with people who you are attracted to.

7. “Should” Is Over – Just Do What’s Right For You

No more shoulds in 2019. It is time to ditch the things you don’t want to do and do what you want.

To do what is right for you. No more dating out of obligation, sleeping with someone when you aren’t ready or accepting bad behaviour. Time to stop accepting the ‘sh..t’ that you don’t want.

8. Meeting the Old School Way – IRL

The biggest trend in 2019 will be the to meet singles irl (in real life). Whether, it is meeting a match from an online app or the old-fashioned way, face2face, when you are out.

Dating apps have made it easy to find singles online, yet so many fail to meet up irl from the apps. It is over swiping for minimal results.

The online dating world is frustrating and there is agrowing trend to move away from mindless connections and endless rejection.

The good news is dating apps are looking are more initiative ways to encourage their users to meet each other in person, rather than just using the apps as an ego boost.

There are so many ways for singles to meet irl. You can meet other singles why doing the things you love, social groups, meet up groups and of course Dare2Date events.

Oh and make sure you are present when you are going about your daily life. So ditch your phone and try smiling at the people you pass. It is time to talk to that cute single person you have your eye on  when you are out. Approaching works! You can ditch the approach anxiety as the majority of singles I speak to, would love you to talk to them when you are out.

Personally I am excited about positive dating trends in 2019! Remember we are always here to support you in your dating challenges. Feel free to send an email to

Debbie xxoxx

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