Orbiting: The new dating term you need to know!

Dating in 2018 comes with its own language, there are terms like ghosting, benching and  breadcrumbing.

I honestly think if someone from the 80’s time travelled to 2018 they would have no idea when it came to dating, let alone the terminology!

Just when you may have gotten your head around what they mean, along comes a new one – orbiting!

And it has absolutely nothing to do with becoming an astronaut, going to the moon or the latest version of Lost in Space!

So what is it?

Orbiting is when you have been ghosted and the person still follows and connects with you on social media. It is all about keeping you in their orbit, where you are close enough to be seen but far enough away that they don’t have to talk to you. Basically an orbiter is a ghost you can still see!

The term orbiting came from US fashion website Man Repeller!

How does an orbiter behave? They will ignore your text messages but still watch you on Instagram. They will ignore your phone calls but still like your Facebook post.

Orbiting will leave you questioning yourself and  wondering why they are liking your social media when they won’t even talk to you.

Talk about mixed signals! Orbiting can leave you wondering if this is a sign that they are still into you.

But all it is, is yet another way people keep their options open! It is a way of keeping communication open in a small way just in case they change their minds!

So what do you do? If it is bothering you and preventing you from moving on I would recommend that you delete them as they really don’t add to your life!

Debbie xxoxx


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