The Way People Meet Has Changed From The 1990s

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not the 1990s

In the nineties the way we meet people has changed, years ago it seemed to be much simpler. Nowadays people are settling down much later or finding they are single after years of being in a relationship. The traditional ways of meeting people were through friends or when you are out at places like sports clubs and pubs but the traditional ways don’t seem to be working anymore. You have probably asked yourselves many times where do you go to meet someone and all the things you have tried bring little luck.

Common ways of meeting people now are the internet, through friends, work or going out.

  • The Internet may seem fun but it can be difficult to find someone you actually want to be with.
    • You can spend hours and hours chatting to someone who you think you like, only to find out when you eventually meet them that there is no chemistry!
    • People often don’t look anything like their photos – or maybe they did ten years ago!!!!!
    • A lot of time wasting people.
    • Lots of players.
    • Unsafe as you don’t actually know if they are what their profile says they are!
  • Through friends/work.
    • None of your friends have any single friends!
    • The friends they hav,e you really don’t want to meet!
    • Meeting anyone at work can be full of problems!
  • At a pub.
    • For guys you get up the courage to finally talk to a girl to only be rudely rejected.
    • You end up spending lots of money on drinks for no return.
    • You really don’t know who is single.
    • You can meet people but often they are too young, too old or simply players!

Believe it or not speed dating is perfect to overcome so many of these pitfalls! At speed dating you get to:

  • Meet people face to face and find out if there is any chemistry.
  • Is cheaper than a round of drinks.
  • You actually get to meet single people who are there to meet YOU!
  • It is safe.
  • An environment where you will not get rejected on the spot.
  • Also a chance to meet new friends of both sexes.
  • Where else do you get to meet at least ten single people who want to talk to you in one night.
  • Remember the more people you meet the more chance you have of meeting ‘the one’.

Speed dating works by giving you five minutes to talk to each person of the opposite sex. You may wonder is five minutes enough to get to know someone. Well it is not enough time to get to know someone, but it is enough time to know if you would like to see them again. When we meet someone a lot or our communication is non-verbal and we are formulating an opinion before even speaking. That combined with the chance to chat you will defiantly be able to decide if you want to meet up again.

Speed dating eliminates the awkward conversation to find out if they would like to give you their phone number – if you both select each other you receive all the contact details within 24 hrs. This way save going through that awful feeling of rejection.

Many experts agree that chemistry is a key element of finding someone. Without chemistry there is less chance of success. Chemistry really is an undefined element, as what works for one person won’t for the next. Speed dating is the perfect place to see it you have chemistry.

Many counsellors and experts agree that speed dating is a great way to learn to trust your instincts and intuition. It is also a great way to build up your confidence to meet new people. Really it is a win-win situation. Even if you don’t find the one, you get the chance to expand your social circle and this gives you greater chance of meeting someone worthwhile.

So when you come to speed dating I would recommend:

  • Be relaxed – imagine you are just chatting to someone you have just met. Don’t put pressure on yourself!
  • Definitely be yourself!
  • Most of all have fun!

Most of all remember it is all good fun and a great way to meet new people; everyone should try it at least once!

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