Is it Possible to Date or Meet Someone without Apps?

By 21 June, 2022 Blog, Dating Tips
possible to date without apps

Is it possible to dates without apps?

YES, absolutely! It is possible to date without apps! I see singles meet in the real world, every single day.

The truth is that dating apps are only one way to meet single people. Which is great news if you don’t want don’t want to go on a dating app.

Did you know only approximately 35% of Australians meet online? So that means the majority meet people face to face. In fact, in the post COVID world people are much more keen to meet in person.

Possible to Date without Apps – Tips to Meet IRL (In Real Life)

The first two points are about the impression you give and the rest are tips to meet irl.

1. Get rid of the Attitude!

Get rid of the ‘there are no good singles out there’ attitude, as well as get rid of the ‘I’m undatable’ attitude!

Neither work. There are plenty of great singles out there and the reality is what you focus on you will see more of.

Spending time on dating apps can make you feel like you are undatable. But that isn’t true, plenty of people don’t find any success online. You are not alone! So, if you haven’t had the success you imagined online it doesn’t mean you are undatable! The reality is that finding love on an app is tough for many people particularly men as it is so superficial. Often it is the way the algorithms work or the fact that people haven’t put much effort into a profile that appeals to the opposite sex.

2. What Vibes Do You Give Off?

What vibe do you give off when you meet new people? Do you smile or give them a go away look or even dirty dismissive look? If you want to meet new people it is important to be aware of the impression you give through your body language.  I recommend you stand up straight, shoulders back, smile and make eye contact! A smile makes you approachable! Whereas if you are looking at the ground or away, the right person could pass you by.

3. Getting Out Makes it possible to date without Apps!

It sounds simple but if you want to meet people in real life you have to get off the couch, stop binge watching the latest series and get into the real world. To meet new people, you have to get out of your house more! Start experimenting doing different things you enjoy doing and things you haven’t tried before. It will open up your world. You could meet someone you want to date or a new friend who might introduce you to someone you want to date.

4. Talking to People Makes if possible to date without Apps!

Yep it can feel scary and uncomfortable talking to other people especially if you like how they look. But if you don’t move beyond that fear to say, ‘Hi’, then you will miss out every single time.  The key is just to take action and not spend a lot of time staring creepily or wondering what to say. Conversation is a skill and takes practice! I recommend taking any perceived outcome out of the chat and talk to people because you are interested in them as a person.  For example, what can happen is you talked to the person working in the coffee shop about how great the coffee is and end up having a good chat. Then later down the track they introduce to their sister, daughter, uncle because you were so good to talk to. You never know. You can strike up a conversation at the gym, in the line for a coffee or while you are waiting for a train. Make the effort.

5. Singles Events

I recommend you look at singles events in your area. Maybe you think no-one does speed dating or no-one goes to singles events but the opposite is true! Singles events are full of, wait for it, single people who want to meet other single people. There are a variety of different types of singles events, tailored to age ranges. Make sure you try them and try them more than once, because let’s face it, meeting the right person is often a numbers game. People will be wrong for you until you meet the person who is right! Of course, I am going to include singles events but I include them as they work!

6. Meetup Groups

I love meetup groups because they are the perfect way to expand your social circle and meet new people. There are meetup groups in every city in the world and also a meetup group for each interest. The key is to keep going and form real friendships. The more people you meet and the more often the better.

7. Being Present Makes if possible to date without Apps!

Be present and be in the moment. This means putting your phone away, making eye contact, smiling and talking to other people.  Phones are great, but it is all too easy to use them to fill in those spare moments. It also doesn’t make it easy for anyone to talk to you.  I recently caught a train everyone was looking at their phone! No-one was making eye contact! Don’t do this, instead be fully present wherever you are. Take the time to look around you to see who is around and notice what is happening. You will be pleasantly surprised by what can happen when you do.

8. Get the People in Your Life to Introduce You

One of the best ways to meet people is through friends, colleagues or family. It is safer because you already have people who can vouch for them.  Ask the people in your life to introduce you to anyone they feel might be a good fit for you. It helps to tell them what you are looking for, so you don’t get introduced to the wrong type of people.  It could be as simple as going out with their friends in a group (no awkward blind dates). Or whenever you are doing something with your friends, get your friends to bring someone new. That way you can get to know new people without the pressure of dating. If it doesn’t work out you could even come away with a new friend. The bigger your social network is the better chance you have of meeting other single people.

9. Play the Yes Game!

For it to be possible to date without apps by playing the yes game! It is easy to get caught in a routine where you do the same things, with the same people at the same places. If nothing changes, then nothing changes! Play the Yes Game where you say yes to all the things you are asked to go to!

It could be drinks after work, going to a birthday with a friend, a concert, an exhibition, a play or anything really. This gives you the opportunity to meet more people and also get more comfortable meeting new people!

10. Time to Stop Taking Rejection Personally!

Some people are going to like you and others won’t. That’s just life and you also will like some people more than others. It is all about meeting the right person for you. Also, when you meet people in real life you won’t know if they are single or not.  There will literally be billions of reasons why someone may not be interested in you that aren’t personal!

11. Get Some Help

If you are struggling to get success dating in real life or online maybe it is time to get some help from a professional. As a Dating/Relationship Coach I know what works and what doesn’t. I find many singles don’t know what they don’t know and simple changes can totally change the results they are getting.  It is possible to date without apps, but it may pay to get to the bottom of why you aren’t getting the results you deserve by working with a professional.

Conclusion to It’s Possible to Date without Apps

Yes it is possible to date without apps! You can meet someone anywhere and everywhere it just takes the effort to get out of the house and the courage to chat to people.

Debbie Rivers, Dating/Relationship Coach

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