Random things to Do

By 16 December, 2013 January 14th, 2016 Blog
Random things to do

So you are single, here is a random list of things to do.

  1.  Take a holiday on your own once.
  2. Be a tourist where you live and see it through fresh eyes.
  3. Take a road trip.
  4.  Gaze at the stars.
  5.  Listen to different music.
  6.  Read a book.
  7. Walk along the beach.
  8. Create something.
  9. Reject the ordinary and aim for extraordinary.
  10. Skydive, ride an elephant or a quad bike – do something that scares you!
  11. Throw caution to the wind, take risks.
  12. Resolve to laugh as much as possible.
  13. Collect compliments and notice what people appreciate about you.
  14. Think about what you wanted to do as a child, have you done it?
  15.  Find a job you actually enjoy.
  16. Make sure you have as many ambitions at 40 as you did at 21.
  17. Realise it is never too late to live the life you imagined.
  18. Write a list of 3 goals you want to achieve and display somewhere you can see everyday.
  19. Write your own bucket list and tick off the items as you do them.
  20.  Feel the fear and do it anyway, challenge yourself to do something that makes you nervous.
  21.  Learn how to manage your emotions, of you do you will become more intuitive and be able to appreciate life’s natural highs.
  22.  Gag your internal critic and never let it put you down.
  23.  Pay attention to coincidences they often happen for a reason.
  24.  Learn how to step outside yourself and understand how you appear to others.
  25. Finally make a list of past mistakes and errors of judgement. Have a ceremonial burning of the paper – symbolically and finally forgiving yourself. Of course also make sure you have apologised where necessary.
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