Reasons Why Online Dating Events Are Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

By 18 March, 2021 Dating Tips

Speed dating and dating events were a fad in the ’90s and were something everyone wanted to try. They went out of fashion, and singles moved on to the next trend, including online dating. You might be surprised to know that online dating events have made a comeback in the past decade and become more popular.

There is a massive demand for online dating events in many age groups, particularly for women.

Believe me when I tell you that online dating events are the easiest way to meet quality singles, and I am going to tell you the reasons why this is true!

5 Reasons Online Dating Events are Getting More Popular

  1. Online Dating Events are Easy

Both men and women love how easy it is to meet quality singles at online dating events. Singles continually tell me that they are sick and tired of spending hours on dating apps without even getting one date! They enjoy how they can have face2face conversations rather than endless texting that doesn’t go anywhere. It is a more natural way to meet other people because everyone is there for the same reasons.

  1. Online Dating Event is Fun

Dating is meant to be fun and not hard work. Yet the reality for many singles is that dating is anything but fun! That is one reason online dating events are becoming more popular because, believe it or not; online dating events are actually fun. The format allows you to meet new friends and potential dates in a calm environment. It will enable you to get dressed up and practice your flirting skills in the real world.

  1. It is Safe

Each year there are thousands of people who have been scammed on dating sites. It’s a terrible statistic, preying on vulnerable people looking for love. I am sure you have heard the horror stories about online dating! I know that there is a lot of fear related to online dating scams, poor behaviour and people not being who they say. Online dating events provide singles with a safe environment to meet genuine people in the real world, where you get the chance to trust your instincts.

  1. At Online Dating Events, You Don’t need to put a photo online

Did you know that speed dating research has found that who people chose in real life is different from what they chose when they are shown a photograph. In fact, the photograph gets in the way f the process. If you use online dating apps, you need to place your photograph on your profile to get results. I know many singles feel uncomfortable putting their photograph online for all the world to see! In many instances, this is because of the type of work they do. That is the massive benefit of online dating events – you don’t have to. You have to show up at the event! You can see how this is a huge benefit!

  1. Age-Specific

If you sign up for dating apps, you have to put your age on your dating profile. Online dating events work because it stops singles from being too specific about their age. Online dating events have age ranges, age-specific events, and all age events have something for most singles. It takes a period out of the equation and allows you the opportunity to see who you click with.

You now know why online dating events have been more and more popular. Don’t hesitate about trying online dating events, because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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