You’ve Received Your Matches, Now What?

By 29 October, 2013 January 14th, 2016 Blog
received matches

So you came speed dating, met some amazing people and you have been emailed your matches. Now what?

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Don’t contact the person the minute you receive your matches. Why? It makes you look over keen/desperate. It is ok to contact on the day, but at least leave it a few hours!
  2. Do not leave it too long to contact your match either. Some guys have left it over a month to make contact – this is way too long and you run the risk of the girl not even remembering who you are.
  3. Avoid lining up dates – girls rarely come alone and they talk to their friends. They are not keen on a guy lining up one date after another.
  4. Who should make contact? This is up to you, but I recommend the guy makes the contact. Most (not all) successful relationships start where the man has chased and won over the woman. I believe the guy should like you enough to contact you.
  5. Always respond to contact, you did match with the person. If things have changed at least respond to the person politely and explain you are not interested and why. There is nothing worse than getting matches at speed dating, contacting the person and then hearing nothing.
  6. People do not always check their emails straight away so don’t worry if they don’t respond straight away. Remember people can be busy.
  7. When you contact someone, relax you are not entering into a relationship but simply agreeing to meet them again to see how you get on. You may end up in a relationship or end up with a new friend.
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