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Looking for love and haven’t found it?

As an Internationally Accredited Relationship Expert,  if you tell me you just can’t seem to find ‘the one’ and don’t understand why, one of the first questions I will ask you is –

Would you date yourself?’

If you answered “No”, then we have work to do.

The answer is inside

When you don’t truly love and believe in yourself it is easy to think the solution to your unhappiness is ‘out there’ – so you go looking for someone or something to solve it for you. You avoid looking inside, as it is scary and means acknowledging your sadness and facing your fears.

Here are some signs you have self-belief issues:

  • You are always on the look out for ‘quick’ ways to feel better. But a new haircut, oufit, possessions or a one night stand only lifts you up for an instant and leaves you feeling worse than before. 
  • You make your life super busy and fill it up with ‘things’ so you don’t have to acknowledge how you actually feel.
  • You numb your feelings with food, alcohol or drugs.
  • You ridicule the notion of working on your self esteem as ‘new age’ and think if you love yourself you will seem ‘up yourself’ or a ’poser’ – so you simply go on as you always have, hoping the love that your are missing will make you feel better.
  • You ‘settle’ for being treated in ways that are not good enough, or for being with someone who is not ideal for you, because you don’t think you can do any better.

If you recognise any of these scenarios, don’t despair.

There is an answer.

It all comes back to learning how to love and fully accept yourself for all that you are. Including the things you don’t like about yourself. Great self-esteem is the building block of EVERYTHING you need in life.

If you have been searching for someone or something to end your unhappiness it is time to STOP and realise that loving yourself is the first step to relationship success and the most powerful thing you can do in your life!

My online program:

How to Love Yourself

I know it is never too late to have the life you imagined and the relationship of your dreams, but you some help and guidance to get on the right track. That is why I have developed my new Love Yourself self-guided seven week program to change your self-limiting thoughts once and for all.

Because loving yourself changes your life more than anything else you can do.

Love Yourself Ebook

When you love yourself:

  • You won’t be afraid of getting hurt. You won’t push love away or subconsciously create reasons why your relationship won’t work.
  • You can accept and enjoy being loved. This feels amazing! You won’t doubt it or sabotage your relationship or worry that you aren’t good enough or that it won’t last.
  • You won’t accept bad treatment EVER! You know your boundaries and can say ‘NO’ with confidence. You don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to.
  • You don’t need to prove anything to anyone because you know the only opinion that matters, is yours.
  • Loving yourself means you don’t hide who you really are. You can share how you feel, live your truth and own your mistakes. You won’t need to prove yourself to anyone anymore.

If you are ready to find true, generous and lasting love, this is the most important course you will EVER do. I have used the techniques from my one-on-one dating coaching to create an accessible, self-paced and affordable course that will truly transform your life.

Invaluable Help

If I guided you through the process of learning to love yourself with my face2face expert relationship coaching it would cost over $2000 dollars. In my seven week, self-guided How to Love Yourself program you get access to the same techniques and expert coaching, for the special price of only $47.

I’ll take you through seven weeks of powerful techniques that will truly transform the way you feel about yourself and impact on all your relationships – for the better.

You’ll learn how some easy modifications to your mindset and way of thinking will make your journey to finding love so much easier.

When you have experienced how much better and happier you feel after just a few weeks of putting these changes in place, you’ll wish you had found these techniques out sooner. Don’t spend another year wondering where you are going wrong with your search for love. Transform your whole approach by changing the way you treat yourself first!

How To Succeed At Online Dating

The secret to attracting high quality singles is just one step away!

Online dating can be hard work!  It can be challenging to get the success you want and sometimes it can even feel like a second job.

Have you tried online dating without much success?  Do you feel like it just didn’t work for you?

Have you felt frustrated and given up before?

I know how you feel.  I’ve been in the same position.

But with the right strategy and information, you can WIN at online dating.

Have you ever felt the people that like your profile are just not the type of person you want to date?

Have you ever spent so much time texting back and forth online, but then it goes nowhere, and you don’t even meet them?

Well, if you want to know the secret to attracting genuine people, who treat you with respect, then my programme ‘HOW TO SUCCEED ONLINE’ is all that you need.

As an Internationally Accredited Relationship Coach, I know from experience, and extensive research, what will work.  And more importantly, what won’t work!

During the last 10 years, for some of the time, I have been single myself over extended periods, and I have relied on Online Dating to meet other singles.  As a coach, I have challenged myself in the online world, always changing my profile pictures, my written profile, and my responses to those I have met, to find out exactly what does achieve results.  And that’s not just in Australia. I’ve used different techniques, with different degrees of success, while travelling through Asia, America and Europe.

During my dating online, I’ve been:

  • Ignored and ghosted
  • Cheated on
  • Met people who looked NOTHING like their profile picture
  • Sent rude messages
  • Been told “It’s not you…it’s me!”

But then….I’ve also:

  • Been treated with respect
  • Met some really wonderful single guys
  • Had long term relationships with guys I’ve met online
  • Received so many messages from one profile that built my confidence and made me feel great

That’s how I know you can be successful online.  My program can take you from dateless to dateable and meeting the right people, in just a few easy steps.

With nearly 35% of couples meeting, and falling in love online, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in successful relationships who have met online. And this could be you!

Let’s make Online Dating fun again.

This programme takes you through all the tips and tricks it takes to make you successful online.

With this programme you will learn:

  • Why your profile is so important
  • The photographs you need for your online profile
  • How to write a winning profile
  • Tips to create the perfect tagline and user name
  • The 10 most common lies people use online – and how to spot them
  • How to create a Dating Action Plan
  • How to write the perfect dating icebreaker
  • What to wear and where to go on a date
  • The importance of confidence
  • How to flirt via text
  • ……and so much more

Join the hundreds of people I have helped online and choose to take control of your online dating.

Don’t keep making the same mistakes and meeting the same old people.

Get the ultimate guide “HOW TO SUCCEED ONLINE” and you won’t look back.

You can be successful online.

Check out these fantastic results – here are just a few comments from people having success online with this program and so can you!

“I can’t believe what a difference changing my profile has made.  I am now dating a wonderful woman and I would never have met her without your help!”

“I was getting so frustrated online and felt like I was being rejected time and time again.  All that changed when I got your program.  Now I am feeling more confident, getting much more response and enjoying dating again.”

“I seemed to always be attracting guys that would message for a while, but never meet up. Now, with your help, I am meeting, and dating, guys online that I really like.”

“I was getting so little response online that I felt like giving up.  When I got your program and changed my profile, the effect was almost instant.  Suddenly I am interacting with women that I never thought would choose me.”

As an Internationally Accredited Relationship Expert, I meet singles everyday that need help online. I love what I do and I want to help as many people as I possible.  That’s why I created this program.

Coaching is great, but I only get to help a limited number of people. Meeting singles face-to-face and being able to coach them through every stage of their relationship; from meeting someone new, to going on dates, and then being in the early stages of a relationship, really is my dream job.  But only having about 10 hrs in each working day, means so many people miss out on valuable information, information that could change their lives.

That’s why this program, “HOW TO SUCCEED ONLINE” has been a real passion project for me, because now, I can help so many more people, to achieve the love they want in their life.

This program will help you see online dating from a whole new perspective.  You really can have everything you want.  You can have a loving relationship with a partner who treats you with total respect, and loves and adores you.  And you can meet them online!

There are plenty of places to meet singles just like you, but it’s a fact, that the highest concentration of singles can be found Online and Internet Dating.

If you want to catch a fish, you have to go where the fish are….and not where you want them to be.

It’s also important to remember, that despite everything you read or hear about online dating, there are thousands of genuine single people online, just like you, who just want to let some love into their life.

You can have the love you deserve.

You can meet a genuine, loving and respectful partner online.

And you will find the answers in my online program.

Don’t leave your Online Dating to chance.  Take control of your life and your choices and learn how a few easy steps can make all the difference.


This is the best $47 you will spend this year!

Actionable, expert advice

LCI-Qualified-Coach-logoA qualified relationship coach empowers you to have the confidence and tools to take charge of your connection with others and open yourself up to attracting a relationship with your ideal partner. As a Certified Practitioner in Coaching, I can give you the tools you need to live the life you want and find the love you have been wishing for.

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