The Secret of Building Attraction with Women!

By 27 July, 2016 Advice for Men, Blog

As a Dating Coach I have helped many men improve their results with women and I want to share some of the advice I give my clients.

This advice will help you build attraction with the women you date. It is surprisingly simple yet effective! So simple that I am surprised more men don’t use it.

It is the importance of text messaging!

Whether you like it or not texting is a key part of dating and is here to stay.

Guys I know you like to get results and you often focus too much on the end result. You meet a girl, get her number, send a couple of texts and then successfully ask the girl on a date. Mission accomplished – BHAM you got your result, your objective has been achieved. Now you think there is nothing to do other than wait for the date! You think there is no need to text now you have your date!


I want to let you in on a secret – this doesn’t work!!


Because you are sending a message to the girl that you aren’t interested!

The thing is why you are smugly waiting for a date you are leaving yourself open to another guy showing her interest.

A lot of guys use their phones for information whereas women use their phones for connection.

Use this knowledge to build connection with the women and in turn build attraction. You will have her thinking about you and no-one else!

Here are some 11 simple tips to increase attraction and have fun with texting:

  1. What you text is important so don’t use the pointless ‘hey, how you doing’, or ‘hey’ – like you might send to your mates! This is a conversation that doesn’t go anywhere.
  2. When you text a girl it shows her you are thinking of her and are interested! Although remember the rule that you send a text and she answers it – the 1 for 1 rule (for more information on texting read Texting). Otherwise you can come across as desperate or too keen.
  3. In your texts you need to be playful and tease the girl.
  4. Explore different topics in a fun way.
  5. Find out what she likes and dislikes,
  6. Push the boundaries a little.
  7. Basically talk crap.
  8. Don’t be dull! Use humour in your messages.
  9. Use Emoticons – research has shown guys who use emoticons are more successful dating. The thing with texting is you can’t tell if something is a joke or serious, etc – emoticons let her know what it is and how you are feeling. By using them you avoid any misunderstanding of what the text means.
  10. Be natural.
  11. Give her genuine compliments – the key is to give genuine compliments and not just flattery. This will win a girl over when used the right way.

In my blog Men – 11 Proven ways to be Successful at Online Dating  I give you some examples of an online conversation (a text conversation is very similar to emailing online), hope you find it helpful.

Guys the next blog I will share is from a man who has been successful online, he will share with you his tips, in the meantime feel free to leave some comments.

Happy dating, Deb x

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