Spring clean your dating profile – even though its not spring!

By 9 April, 2015 January 14th, 2016 Blog, Dating Tips
Spring Clean

Perth can be a small ‘world and online dating can be just as small! Have you ever looked at online dating profiles and seen the same ones year after year? No change of photograph or content.

It gives the impressions that these people are either serial daters or not worth dating!

Potential dates will literally ignore your profile if they have already seen it over and over again. Or they may consider no-one else wants to date you so why would they! It may sound harsh but it is true.

So what is the solution? Update your profile – make it fresh and appealing. Have current photographs and update your interests to reflect what you are like now.

NEW PHOTOS – The number 1 rule of online dating is to have a photo that looks like you NOW, not 10 years ago. It is the number 1 pet hate of most online daters – presenting a photo that doesn’t look like. This makes your date feel like they have been lied to and it is a common reason for no 2nd date. New photos will create new interest – people will literally think its a new person/profile. Photos are so important as they are the first thing that a potential date will see. Oh and if you are a women, research has found that if you smile in your photos it makes more attractive to men. If you are a guy they recommend not smiling! Personally I recommend a selection of photographs that show how you look, a portrait, a full length one and photographs showing you do the things you love.

REWRITE YOUR PROFILE AND TAG LINE – It is a good idea to completely rewrite your profile and not simply change bits! Why? Because this will create fresh interest and attract people who may have passed over your profile before. Remember your online profile is an advertisement to attract the person you would like to date. It is not a list of the things you don’t want. Have you ever noticed how the majority of online profiles are same/same and run the risk of being overlooked or simply sending the reader to SLEEP! So be interesting and unique.

If it all seems to hard to come up with a fresh profile and recent photographs, why not try the Dare2Date’s  Online Profile Writing and Portrait Photograph services. We will create a stand out profile that reflects you!

Our aim is to help you achieve your dating success.

Happy dating.

Debbie x



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