Spring – Time for A Spring Clean in Your Dating and Love Life

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spring clean

After a long, wet winter it is spring and time to get ready for summer. It’s time to clean your house, get rid of things you don’t need and sort out your wardrobe for summer. Not only that, if you have a lonely winter full of unmet expectations then it is also time to spring clean your dating life and love life.

Research from eharmony has found that spring is the biggest time for breakups, when approximately 29% of relationships end. It is also the time when there is a surge of new people signing up for online dating.

Spring is time to look at what is and isn’t working for you when it comes to dating and love.

It is time for a fresh perspective before summer.

Spring Clean Your Dating and Love Life Follow these Five Tips

1.Make Space

If your closet was full of clothes that you don’t really like, that don’t fit you or are the wrong colour you won’t have room for the clothes that make you feel fabulous. Your love life is no different! It is time to get rid of those on again off again relationships that make you feel like crap. Do you have people who are giving you mixed signals, are unreasonably jealous, who are unavailable and in and out of your life, who continually criticizes you or who flirts with your friends. Get rid of anyone who drags you down and doesn’t make you feel good. If they can’t see your needs and respond to them, they will not make you happy. By cleaning out what doesn’t work you will make room for what does.

2. Clear Away the Negative

When a relationship has ended it can be too easy to be left with regret, anger, resentment, bitterness or confusion. You may be finding yourself over analysing EVERYTHING and self-obsessing to the point you do your own head in, let alone anyone else’s! When you do this, it is like you are allowing the ex to live rent-free in your head! It is time to clear out these unproductive thoughts so you have space to the fun person you used to be. It is time to do some work on you to be clear about how you want to feel in a relationship and stop leaving the most important part of your life to chance. It is time to stop twisting yourself out of shape for someone who doesn’t meet your needs.

3. Fresh Mind-set

Time to sort and clean out your mental closet. It is time to look at your mind-set when it comes to your life and dating. Purge self-criticism and the fear that you won’t find anyone, or anyone else. Throw out all that baggage full of regret and sadness that you have been carrying around. Adopt a fresh way of thinking and embrace possibility rather than the thought that there aren’t any good singles out there. I can tell you there are plenty.

Approaching dating with a fresh attitude will change your results and make you instantly more attractive.

4. Acknowledge how Awesome YOU are

You are doing all this work cleaning out the old and it is important to pat yourself on the back for your hard work! Make a list for yourself of the changes you have made and celebrate them. Acknowledge yourself for letting go of what wasn’t working for you and changing your mind-set. Be your own best friend and value yourself.

5. Spring Clean any Online Dating Profiles

With each year and new season, you change and so should your profile. Potential dates will literally ignore your profile if they have seen it over and over again. They may think you are a serial dater or believe no-one else wants to date you so why would they! It may sound harsh but it is true. You need: 1. New Photos – your photo has to look like you now, not last year or 10 years ago, if you want any chance of a second date 2. Profile/Tag Lines-  It is a good idea to completely rewrite your profile and not simply change bits! Why? Because this will create fresh interest and attract people who may have passed over your profile before. It is time to be interesting and unique rather than same/same running the risk of being overlooked or sending the reader to sleep. For more details read Spring Clean Your Profile.

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