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93% of how we communicate is based on body language, facial expressions and tone – not on what we say. This is why texting is open to misinterpretation. Texting is here to stay and it is a huge part of how we date in the 21st century so how do we avoid the pitfalls? Here are some simple tips.

Don’t wait too long to text

If you have met someone and like them text them! There is no longer any need to wait 3 days to contact someone – in fact a lot of 18-25 year olds said if someone waited too long they wouldn’t be interested in them. I think the guy should contact the girl – most guys do enjoy the chase.

Texting doesn’t replace talking!

Texts are great to share info that doesn’t matter but should never replace real conversations. Beware of relationships where you only ever text but don’t see or talk to each other – this really isn’t a relationship!

Don’t Obsess

This is one of the most important texting rules – don’t obsess over when a guy/girl is going to text you or answer your text. Girls can be especially guilty of overanalysing the meaning behind every word and smiley face and also the length of time it takes to answer a text message. Do not dissect and analyse every part of a text message – it will only drive you crazy. Don’t jump to conclusions – if you aren’t sure just ask.

Don’t drink and text

This one is self explanatory! I am sure it is something we have all done and regretted so there is one simple rule DON’T! Don’t drink and text it is too easy to text something you don’t mean! You can never take something you have said in writing back so it is best to avoid the text in the first place.

Don’t break up over text

No matter how hard it is – do not break up over a text message.

Don’t cancel a date or share major information by text

If you are going to cancel a date – call. If you have important information to share call or meet in person. Text messages should NEVER replace face to face communication. It is easy to fall into the trap of expressing your feelings via text messages – ie when you have an issue you raise it in a text message. This is not the best way of resolving the issue – you can’t gauge what the person’s reaction is and you have no idea if they have understood what you meant. Remember it is so easy to misread/misunderstand a text. Save serious conversations for a face to face meeting.

Don’t text when Angry

Angry texts can’t be taken back, what you have said is there in writing to be read and re-read. Don’t have an argument via text and refrain from sending messages like ‘Why haven’t you called?’  this will send the message that you are insecure.

Texting is About Conversation

Texting is about conversation – ie one text for every text received. It is not cool to send six messages for everyone one message. Sending multiple messages comes across as crazy and needy and have the potential to kill a budding relationship.

Don’t text for the Sake of it

Guys are a lot more practical than women. Most guys see shopping as a practical exercise, which they only do when it’s necessary.  The same goes for texting! So don’t send guys meaningless information like what you had for lunch or what you are doing every minute of the day. Guys really do not want to know your every move, every conversation and every thought. A little bit of mystery is a good thing. Avoid sending long messages with every detail in it – less really is more. Guys actually enjoy a light hearted, funny text conversation rather than long emotional texts. Texting all the time can make you come across as too keen and has the potential to put people off you.

Happy Dating xx



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