The Facts About Where Singles Actually Meet!

By 2 November, 2018 November 3rd, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips

Where do singles meet in the digital age? Two surveys reveal the surprising facts about where singles actually meet.

The results are good news for anyone who hates online dating or who is struggling with dating app fatigue.

 A survey of 500 Singles by Reportlinker found:

  • 39% of people met through friends;
  • 15% of people met through work;
  • 12% of people met at a bar or a public area;
  • 9% of people met through sports, religion or their hobbies;
  • 8%  met through a dating app;
  • 7%met through family;
  • 6% met at school;
  • 1% met through speed dating.

Another survey of 14,000 engaged people by The Knot found  people met through:

  • 17% through dating sites/apps, 2% social media,
  • 17% through friends,
  • 15% through college,
  • 12% through work.

The surprising fact is that the old-fashioned ways of meeting other singles STILL works.

The two top ways to meet singles is through friends and at work. The main reasons this works so well is that it allows people the time to get to know each other first without it being so loaded with expectations. There is even research that found we find people more attractive if we are friends first.

The benefit of being friends first is that you build a solid foundation that will enable your relationship to stand the test of time.

5 Points to Remember

  1. It’s still worth getting out to meet people whether it’s to date or to meet new friends.
  2. Expand your social circle as 39% of people met through friends. The more friends you have the more chances you have to meet the right person.
  3. Speed dating not only improves your flirting skills, it’s successful for 1% of singles.
  4.  Don’t rule out online dating, it’s the place with the most singles in one spot! It is like a giant cocktail party in the sky.

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