Dealbreakers – Top 3 Dating Dealbreakers for mid/late 40’s and over 50’s

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Want to know what the top 3 dating dealbreakers are for mid/late 40’s and over 50’s?

A 2017 survey  revealed  the  top 3 dating deal breakers for the 50+. However, from my experience as a Dating Coach I would say these apply to mid/late 40’s as well!

The top 3 dealbreakers are:

  1. Poor Health (78 percent)
  2. Financial instability (76 percent)
  3. Not physically attractive (75 percent)

The dealbreakers are hardly surprising. Dating over 50 and even over 40 is tough! It’s hard enough to meet let alone deal with these issues.

Health is an issue as you age and financial security is a big one the older you get. Many in this age group have lost half of their money in a first marriage and don’t want to lose their hard earnt money all over again.

Of course  physical attraction  is important at any age!

The thing to be aware of is no-one looks how they did in their 20’s (if you went lived through the 80’s fashion that’s not  a bad thing)!

Keep in mind that attraction goes beyond looks and it can be surprising how attractive someone can be when  you get to know them.

Enough of the depressing fact about dealbreakers, now I want to let you know how you can stand out over 4o and over 50.

Six Simple Tips to Stand Out!

1. Exercise, get fit, eat healthier and lose some weight

Exercise has been proven to make people feel better and it will also improve your health. By getting fit, eating healthier and losing weight you will deal with two of the three dealbreakers – appearance and health  automatically improving your odds.

2. What you wear matters

Only 3% of a first impression comes from what you say. 97% comes from  body language, how you dress, and  confidence. How you present yourself is CRUCIAL and something you have control over. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and what you wear matters more than you think.

Maybe its worthwhile getting the help of a professional. Well fitted clothes in the right colours will make all the difference. Dare2Date can help you or even refer you to someone who can.

There is no need to be a slave to fashion but up-to-date styles make a difference to how you are perceived. Ladies, men do notice what you wear and I am surprised how many men tell me they are put off by women wearing frumpy or outdated clothes.

Too often woman are so worried about looking like mutton dressed up as lamb that they go to the other extreme and dress like a granny. There are great, flattering clothes for all ages – find clothes that suit you. Don’t use weight as an excuse to wear shapeless ill-fitting clothes as it possible to  look amazing at any size.

For the men out there shoes also matter so make sure you have a good pair of shoes – women notice shoes. On the issue of what to wear I have a lot of advice for men in my blog – Guys 15 Tips to Look Sexier for Women.

I do want to add that if you are grumpy or uptight, you could wear the best outfit and look amazing but be unattractive. As no-one is attracted to someone who looks grumpy or uptight. In fact the best thing you can wear is a  smile!

3. Update your hair and makeup

 Ladies  it be easy to get stuck in a rut of what you think looks good when it comes to hair and make up. I recommend you go to a new hairdresser and get a colour/style that suits you now. If you go to the same hairdresser you are likely to get a different version of the same thing.. A survey of 5000 men found the 3 most important things to men about a women’s looks were: teeth, hair and clothes (all things that can be easily changed).

Ladies men love hair so avoid tying your hair back, putting it a bun on a date.  Men love hair and don’t get the chance to appreciate it, if it is always tied back. A feminine look is something guys love and most guys do not like super short hair. Age changes the type of make-up that looks good on you – what looked good in your 20’s no longer looks good in your 50’s.  It is a great idea to learn how to apply make-up that suits you. Try going somewhere, like the makeup counters at Myers, where they have makeup artists who can teach you how to properly apply your makeup.

4. Having a purpose and energy

Happy singles are more attractice. In this age group having a zest for life will make a difference to your success dating. No-one wants someone who sits on the couch and watches TV all the time. Create an interesting life to attract someone interesting! Get out it will give you more energy and change your mindset. It will also give you more to talk about on a date!

5. Your outlook matters

Your outlook on life matters – if you hate the world and life it will be hard to attract the right person. Everyone likes someone who is optimistic. A good relationship starts with you and shouldn’t be used to fill up the blank holes in your life. It is important to build a life you like and then you will be able to share it with someone.

6. Great expectations 

Getting older is inevitable! Your looks change and you only have to google rock stars in their 50’s and 60’s to see this. They may not look how they used to but it doesn’t mean they are undatable! Only looking for an Elle MacPherson or George Clooney lookalike,  both in their 50’s, will severely limit your choices. The Elle and George lookalikes are few and far between so I recommend being realistic. Be open and curious you never know what may happen.

I can tell you it is possible to find love in  in your mid/late forties and fifties. In fact, I regularly hear of my client’s  success stories in this age range.  By following these simple tips you give yourself the best chance of finding love.

If you are struggling with the new world of dating in your 40’s or 50’s remember Dare2Date are here to support you to find the love you have always imagine or simply a date.

Debbie xxoxx


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