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By 16 April, 2014 January 14th, 2016 Blog
Best You

Single or not it is a good idea to present the best version of  yourself. This is made up of both your physical appearance and your manner/outlook.

For your physical appearance I would suggest you look the best you can. Get some feedback from friends about your hair, clothes, personal hygiene, etc. Get a makeover if you need it. The recent Dare2Date survey found that 80% of Perth singles believe it is a dealbreaker if people don’t look after themselves. Now you don’t have to be a supermodel or a football player, but you can look the best possible you!

But it’s not just how you look that’s important, it’s your manner, your outlook and the way you get on with others. So look at increasing your appeal from the inside out!

Here are some suggestions to help you:


  • Confidence is attractive (yes I am always saying this). The most popular people at speed dating are not the best looking ones, but the ones who are confident. So identify the qualities that make you unique, interesting, worthy and focus on those. Be clear about what you have to offer.
  • Passion is attractive. Live your life with purpose and intention. Find what you are passionate  about and pursue it. Do what makes you happy, this will make you more attractive than any makeover.
  • Great conversation is attractive. Learn how to be the best communicator in the world. Practice your conversation skills continually. A good conversationalist engages others and makes them feel good about themselves. I have spoken to so many people over 30 who value a great conversation over looks and youth.
  • Optimism is hot! People who have a positive outlook on life are extremely attractive and everyone wants to be around them. So if you are negative shift your outlook, it may take some practice but it is worthwhile.
  • Be a great listener. Show real interest in others. Really listen rather than spend the time thinking about what you are going to say next! Refer to something the person said earlier, everyone wants to be heard and being heard will build a connection with the opposite sex.

When it comes to dating these suggestions will help you every bit as much as a makeover.

Happy dating, Deb x


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