How long do I wait before texting/calling?

By 28 December, 2015 Blog, Dating Tips
wait before texting/calling

Today I sent 2 emails and expected an instant response! This got me thinking about how my expectations have changed in 2015. In 2015 I expect an instant response.

What has this got to do with dating? Everything! People in 2015 expect an instant response. In the past, there was the standard 3-5 day rule after meeting someone. The rule was that you should wait between 3 and 5 days before contacting someone you were interested in.

Does this rule work anymore? No, it just doesn’t cut it in 2015; in fact waiting this long could work against you and for not for you! Feedback from singles, especially the under 30, is that if someone waits too long to text them; they simply aren’t interested. Don’t leave it any longer than 48 hours! Although a single tip is to ring or text while you are with them. This allows you to find out if you are getting the actual number and helps the person remember you.

One exception I have found is after a speed dating event where people have texted/emailed the minute they have received their matches. This comes across as desperate and that you have nothing better to do. In this case leave it a minimum of a couple of hours for better results.

As always happy dating.
Debbie xxx

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