Want to Know The ONE Sign that your Relationship is Working.

By 14 June, 2017 Blog
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Want  know the one simple sign that your relationship is working?

Are you wondering if the guy/girl you are seeing is for you? Maybe you argue from time to time, get jealous, fight over the remote control, don’t follow the same footy teams or just like different stuff.

How do you really know if they are right for you?

Easy, there is one simple way to find out!

And no, its not communication skills or trust.

The surprising answer is – you are not posting about your relationship on social media!

A recent study found that if you are not continually posting about your ‘amazing’ relationship on social media you are happier!

In fact it is not the first study to find this – there have been studies that people who continually post on social media are not as happy as those who don’t.

There are 2 reasons why!

  1. People who post a lot on social media end up comparing themselves and their life’s to other peoples and feel dissatisfied and unhappy. The thing is many people don’t show their real life on social media – they only include the good bits and photos where they look their best.
  2. People who don’t spend all their time on social media are actually out their enjoying their life!

Remember social media is not a true representation of anyone’s life. Many people post stuff on social media in an effort to convince themselves that life is great.

If your life is great and you have a great relationship you don’t need to prove it to the world on social media.

Happy couples do not need to convince themselves or validate their happiness because they are experiencing it for themselves.

So look at your Facebook feed and do a little bit of evaluating – is your relationship as happy as you think it is?

The next time you feel depressed looking at all those perfect pictures of happy couples in your newsfeed – remember all isn’t as it shown online!  Chances are they aren’t happier than you and your significant other! When you feel envious of your friend’s relationships – remember things aren’t always how they seem.

Deb xxoxxx


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