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What Singles Think 2022

What Singles Think 2022

Each year Match.com interviews over 5000 American singles aged 18 to 98 to find out what it’s like being single today. It’s their 12th annual study, called Singles in America,  and they dive deep into the American dating world to find out what singles think 2022.

In this week’s blog, I am will let you know the findings of what singles think 2022. Some are specific to America and others do apply in Australia and other parts of the world. Some of the findings are also similar to the worldwide Bumble survey – you can read more in 8 Dating Trends for 2023.

You can also compare last year’s results in 5000+ Singles Tell All.

Singles in America looks at what is hot – conscious dating, mental health and sex positivity.

And what’s not – superficiality, sex in the metaverse and political misalignment.

Also, that acceptance, inclusivity and open-mindedness have never been sexier!

Let’s Look at the Results of What Singles Think 2022

1. Singles Look for A Sense of Self

Forget superficial, singles are invested in conscious dating. They are looking for more than just physical attraction and are using dating to learn about themselves. To find out who they are, what they need and their own behaviour patterns in the dating process.

The survey found that distance, age and other surface-level qualities are not as important as AUTHENTICITY.

Singles are dating with intention and looking for someone who is also mindful.

2. What Singles Think 2022 – Simple Dates are IN

  • 84% of singles prefer casual dates to wining & dining dates.
  • Singles have changed their expectations and think of a first date as a chance to meet someone new. Rather than a high-pressure first impression experience.
  • For dating experiences, 77% said that they enjoy learning about new people.
  • 53% say that dating is helpful to learn how to be their best self.
  • Daters felt that a more honest, introspective approach to building relationships over time is important.

3. Where Singles Get their Advice

  • Friends are the main source of love advice for singles.
  • 48% lean on their friends.
  • 33% turn to their family.
  • 21% use Youtube and Social Media.
  • 16% ask their therapist.
  • 14% get advice from their dating apps.
  • Men are looking for dating advice as often as women are.

4. Snaps Judgements are OUT

The good news is that singles are giving relationships more time to work out if there is a spark. Rather than relying on instant chemistry.

  • 49% have fallen in love with someone they weren’t attracted to at first. It figure was 38% last decade.

The great news is that first impressions aren’t everything.

5. Commitment is IN

Singles are looking for more than casual in 2022.

  • 70% are open to finding a relationship today.
  • 35% want to meet their partner in the next few months.
  • 80% of younger singles want to find something that lasts
  • 48% are keener to meet a partner than before.

6. Distance isn’t an Issue Anymore

  • 53% will start seeing someone who lives more than 3 hours away (it was 35% last year).
  • 33% have changed their opinion on long-distance relationships during the pandemic.

Because Long Distance is in singles are turning to virtual ways of getting to know each other before meeting in person.

How Singles Communicate 

  • Singles aren’t keen on the metaverse. They want to get to know their date but not their date’s avatar.
  • 48% want to get to know each other over the phone.
  • 43% prefer text messages.
  • 29% like to use social media.
  • 11% like to use the metaverse.
  • Only 3% have tried sex in virtual reality.

9. What Singles Think 2022 – Sex

For singles, it is all about sex positivity. Singles are invested in exploring what and how they want sex.

  • The stigma around sex is gone! It’s Ok for singles to love sex.
  • 70% said that sex improves their physical and mental health.
  • 71% feel better after sex.
  • 38% of singles are interested in exploring their body/sexuality since the pandemic. 54% of Gen Z and 47% of Millennials.
  • 38% of singles feel more sexually empowered this year.
  • Singles are showing appreciation for the classics and rediscovering the beauty of the basics, with 57% enjoying the missionary position.
  • 31% said their sexual interests had become more vanilla since the Pandemic.
  • While 18% said they have become kinkier since 2020.
  • Repetition is trending and 51% said they don’t mind repeated sexual behaviours.
  • Singles are still open to new sexual experiences.
  • 31% enjoy acting out sexual fantasies.
  • 27% are into role-playing.
  • 25% are into demonstrating what they like to their partner.
  • 24% said they like rough sex.

10. What Singles Think 2022 – Politics

Voting is hot (remember it’s not compulsory in America). Singles want a partner who is politically aware and uncompromising in their views.

  • 58% say it’s more important than ever to know their partner’s political views.
  • 37% said that someone having too strong an opinion is a deal breaker.
  • However, the reverse is just as bad. 31% said it’s a ‘no-go’ if a potential partner has no opinion.
  • 28% don’t want a partner who isn’t registered to vote.
  • 24% would avoid dating someone who isn’t planning on voting.
  • 22% said it is a deal breaker if their date didn’t vote in the last election.

 The overturning of Roe vs Wade had a big impact on American singles. Abortion rights aren’t something singles take lightly.

  • Daters say the overturning of Roe vs Wade will have a lasting impact on how they approach dating. 78% of singles said the overturning of Roe vs Wade will change their dating/sexual behaviour.
  • 20% said it would make them more hesitant to have sex.
  • 14% said it would make them more hesitant to date.
  • Singles said the top three ways it would change their dating lives were – more condom use, more sex hesitation and more fear of pregnancy.
  • Abortion rights also shook up friendships with 17% of singles losing friends due to opposing views.
  • 2 in 3 single women won’t date a person with opposing views on abortion.
  • 25% of women want to have fewer discussions about abortion with their partners.
  • 18% of singles say opposing views would make them want to have more discussions with their partners.

Today’s singles, especially younger ones, lead with love and acceptance.

56% want a partner who supports people’s freedom to identify as something other than their biological sex.

  • 41% of Gen Z and 31% of millennials are open to dating someone who is transgender.
  • 56% of Gen Z and 42% of Millennials are open to dating someone who is pansexual.
  • 44% of Gen Z and 31% of Millennials are open to dating someone who is gender non-binary.

Singles are tired of COVID and lax on the vax! COVID may be here to stay but being vaccinated is fading from singles’ top dating worries.

  • 40% want their partner to be vaccinated compared to 47% in 2021.
  • 36% say they don’t care.
  • 1 in 3 singles says that COVID is still affecting their dating life.

11. Economic Trends

In America, singles are spending $117.4B on dating each year. That is$130/month, or $1,560/year.

The breakdown is:

  • Dating apps, matchmakers are $12 per month.
  • In-person activities are $39 per month.
  • Appearance/grooming $40 per month
  • Date night clothes, etc $39 per month.

The cost of dating has increased by 40% over the past 10 years but hasn’t stopped singles dating. They have just become more innovative in how they date.

  • 84% of singles prefer a casual first date.
  • 30% are more open to doing free activities on a date.
  • 29% are more open to going somewhere close to home to save on petrol costs.
  • 26% are open to a home-cooked meal over a restaurant.
  • 25% are open to meeting a date for coffee or drinks.
  • 24% are open to going on dates at inexpensive restaurants.

Financial stability is sexy!

  • 30% say inflation has made them want to find a financially stable partner.
  • 23% of singles are more appreciative of thrifty people.

The Stressors for Singles are:

  • 39% are stressed about the economy (mostly Gen Xers and Boomers).
  • 38% are stressed about their long-term future (mostly Gen Xers).
  • 35% are stressed about the effect of inflation (mostly Gen Xers and women).
  • For Gen Zs, the biggest cause of stress (44%) was mental health.

What Singles Think 2022 – Debt

Being in debt was a big deal for daters.

  • 96% believed having similar outlooks on debt/spending was important.
  • 41% of singles thought a partner should reveal the amount of debt they are in once the relationship has been defined.
  • 26% have becoming debt free as their top personal goal for the year.
  • 19% feel that debt has become a mark against them when it comes to dating and finding a relationship.

12. Mental Health

Mental health is wealth. The self-improvement movement is alive and well for singles. Singles know the importance of becoming better people and better partners.

There are two I’s in ‘relationship’ and singles are investing more in themselves so that they can lay the foundations for healthier relationships.  

  • 87% of singles believe it’s important for both people to put mental health first.
  • 2/3 of singles want to improve their mental health.
  • 2/3 are open to therapy.
  • 81% stated they practice self-care at a minimum of monthly.
  • 31% say their mental health is good (this was mostly Boomers)
  • 36% (most young singles) say their mental health is poor.
  • This year there is a big decrease in young singles feeling burnt out – a 20% drop from the previous year.
  • For 31% of Gen X, their burnout is coming from their career,
  • 22% (mostly millennials) say burnout is coming from their dating life.
  • Only 13% of singles say burnout keeps them from going out.
  • Another 13% say they’re not dating IRL because they’re too busy.
  • 15% say they don’t date in person because they feel out of practice.

Conclusion to What Singles Think 2022

I love that singles are prioritising their mental health, healthy relationships with themselves first and looking beyond the superficial. This is all good news for singles everywhere.

You can read the full study – Singles In America 2022.

Debbie, Dating/Relationship Coach

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