What you wear on date matters, according to RESEARCH there is one fashion mistake that will affect your dating success!

By 11 April, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips
not the 1990s

Zoosk recently released data about fashion and dating, in fact they surveyed 6,646 members and  analyzed more than 34,579 profiles. The aim was to find out how much what you wear affects your dating success.

The results found that your fashion choices will have a big impact on your dating success.

In fact it turns out that singles found ironed clothes SEXY!

And the one simple mistake you could be making on a date is turning up in unironed clothes. In fact this was the NUMBER ONE fashion faux pas for singles and one that you can easily avoid.

When you first meet someone it is no secret that what they wear forms part of the first impression. Therefore, it is no surprise that what you wear on a date matters!

In fact 94% of women said dressing nice on a  date is a MUST! The survey also found that bad style could be a deal breaker especially for women.

69% of singles  believed the best way to make a great first impression was too look nice and presentable.

It even turns out mentioning dressing up in your dating profile will increase your response rate by 135%. Although don’t underestimate the casual look such as jeans and a t-shirt. It turns out that 36% of daters felt most confident wearing this combo! Also saying that you’re a jeans and t-shirt person in your dating profile can get you more messages too – profiles that mention jeans get 80% more incoming messages.

Here are the Top 10 fashion mistakes and to be honest some go without saying – such as socks and sandals (does anyone really do that) or crocs!

The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas for Singles

66% – Wrinkled clothes
55% – Socks and sandals
53% – Crocs
50% – Baggy clothes
45% – Granny panties
45% – Board shorts/swimwear
44% – Dressing too young for your age
39% – Pants that are too short/long
38% – Low-rise/slung pants
34% – Super tight shirts

So now you know what will create a poor first impression, you can avoid making these simple mistakes.

For the full results of the survey click here but most important of all remember to iron your clothes prior to a date!

Happy dating.

Debbie xxoxx


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