Where are all the Hot Women?

By 1 October, 2016 Advice for Men, Blog
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About a year ago I had a man ask me to do a survey to find out where all the hot women go – so he could find out where to meet them.

At the time I told him I could tell him the answer without wasting his money on a survey. But he still wanted to go ahead with commissioning me to do the survey as he didn’t like my answer – it seemed too simple!

The results of the survey were not particularly helpful as in Perth there are so many different locations single women go. They may go to this place one week and another the week after. Even the bar staff at venues confirmed this!

So what was the answer – where do all the attractive women go?

Surprisingly enough they go to speed dating and singles events!

I am always genuinely surprised at the quality of women who come to my events. Unlike the hit and miss approach of going to different venues hoping to find attractive women at singles events you will always meet lovely/quality women.


Believe it or not women are equally frustrated at not knowing where to meet awesome single guys. So they are open to try different ways to meet. Women also like the safety provided meeting face2face at well run, planned events.

So guys it’s time to give it a go – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It really is that simple!

Deb x

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