Why Players Do Well

By 20 September, 2013 January 14th, 2016 Blog

Women seem to initially love players – that is until they are hurt or really get to know them. I have found on the rare occasion that a player comes to speed dating they do exceptionally well! Why?? Here are 7 reasons why woman love players-

1. Confidence – Women love men who are confidence and believe in themselves. Confident men appear in control of their lives and actions – women are attracted to this. Why do women love confidence? Because if we are going to count on you we need you to show us we can. It is possibly in our DNA to look for a man who can support us.

Women and men for that matter are turned off by people who are needy, insecure or desperate. A player is never any of these!

2. Knows how to talk to women – Women love to talk and a player knows how to talk to her. He shows he is interested in her and will appear to ‘get’ her. He is also great at giving her compliments and making her feel good initially. This is why players also do well at speed dating.

3. Looks as good as possible – he smells good, dresses good, basically he looks as good as he can and looks after himself. Players are not always good looking, but look the best they can.

4. Are indifferent – They don’t care what anyone thinks. They have a take it or leave it attitude which makes them irresistible to women. Women like a challenge.

5. Adventuress and Exciting – they are always pushing the boundaries in their lives and women love this. In fact women can’t get enough of this.

6. Mysterious and Challenging – Women do not like men who are pushovers or who we can wrap around our little fingers. A sense of authority and power is very attractive to women and they love the challenge this brings.

7. Masculine – in control, they know what they want and how to get it. Women love this.

So guys there is something to be learnt from the player!

By Debbie Rivers

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