Things Women do that Men Hate

By 21 July, 2013 December 28th, 2015 Blog
things men hate

When you are dating it is a good idea to know some of the common things that women do that men HATE! Don’t worry I have also written one for the men!!!!!

1. Men hate women spending hours talking about a situation. Men are solution focussed and do not want to talk for 2 hours about an issue when they see a solution. Men and women are totally different and don’t share their feelings in the same way.

2. Men seriously hate when women want to change them. Men don’t change so if you don’t like them to start with don’t date them!

3. Men hate women who obsess about their weight.

4. Men hate women being paranoid about how they look! Guys hate it when you say your make up isn’t any good, when you ask if your bum looks big in this (they feel doomed no matter what they answer). Women do obsess why too much about these types of things and a guy wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t like you and what you look like. Also continually drawing attention to your ‘perceived flaws’ will only make him notice what he hadn’t noticed before.

5. Men hate it when women spend hours getting ready and don’t look any different.

6. Men hate women wearing excessive make up.

7. Men hate when women call and text all the time. If you have just spent a great day/night with the guy, he does not feel the need to call/text you as he has just seen you. Is it really necessary to talk to him all the time, guys DO not need to know every detail about what happens in your life. Men love space and need the time to miss you. Remember over calling or texting scares a guy and make him think you are a stalker!!!!!!!!

8. Men hate when you want to spend EVERY second with them! Guys really do need space and time with their mates and of course time to know they miss you!

9. Men hate women who need to talk all the time and want to fill up any silent moment.

10. Men do not like women who are jealous and insecure. Do not ever check his phone, Facebook or emails. If you don’t trust him, don’t be with him!

11. Men do not like being asked what they are thinking – generally they are not thinking anything!!!!

12. Men really don’t like women being excessively emotional – men do not understand when you cry because you have broken your nail or use your tears to get sympathy.

13. Men hate women who use sex as a reward or to get what she wants. Sex should never be used to manipulate your man rather it should be someone you both love to do. Men do not want to feel they have to ‘pay’ for sex!

14. Men do love an independent woman but not so independent that they don’t need the man. Men want to feel needed and appreciated.

15. Men do not like clingy and needy women.

So in conclusion it is good to be aware of some of the things that turn men off and remember men really do love women who are secure and confident within themselves.

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