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Dating can be tough but it can  be fun. Here are some awesome tips for you to improve your dating experiences.

  1. Confidence
    Before you start dating you need to make sure you  love yourself. I am not talking in a poser type of way but in a genuine way. If you don’t love yourself why should anyone else? You need to be confident and comfortable with who you are. If you don’t work on this, dating can  damage you and you risk ending up in an unhealthy relationship. You need to know who you are and know you are worth some awesome guy.
  2. Know Your Value
    You need to look the best you can – dating is competitive, so get some feedback on how you look and behave. Ask yourself honestly if you would date yourself! Look at your attitudes – if they are negative and you don’t believe anything good will happen that’s exactly what you will get. I have said this before but if you believe you are valuable and worthwhile  you will expect to be treated accordingly.You WILL NOT accept a crap relationship.
  3. Know  what you Want
    Know the type of guy and relationship you want. If you don’t know what you want, how will you ever achieve it?
  4. Let a guy Chase You
    Guys love a challenge and love to chase and win a girl over. I know we are in the 21st century and guys may say it would be awesome to be asked out by a girl. But when a woman makes the first move things rarely work out.
  5. If he calls, he exists
    If a guy is into you, you will hear from him. This is not rocket science. Don’t waste time on a guy who doesn’t contact you. Don’t make excuses.
  6. Don’t go too Fast
    When a guy likes you he will want to see you all the time. But you need to control the pace and slowly get to know him. Guys generally only show who they are after 3 months and if you see them all the time you may end up in a relationship with someone you wish you hadn’t. Don’t tell a guy everything at the beginning – be a little mysterious. Definitely left them like you before you show them your worst side. You will also look more attractive if you are not always available – this goes back to how much a guy loves to chase and loves a challenge. Remember you do have a life and friends.
  7. Actions Speak Louder than Words
    Words come easy, but if the words are not backed up by actions beware. A big red flag is a guy who doesn’t stick to his word.
  8. Set Limits and Stick to Them
    Dating comes with a lot of expectations on our behalf. It is amazing how anxious we feel when we don’t get that text from a guy we like or he is not sending us enough text messages. If a guy doesn’t contact you get rid of him. People only treat us how we allow them to – so value yourself. Don’t make excuses for unacceptable behaviour – you teach people how they treat you.
  9. Enjoy Dating
    Enjoy  dating – if the relationship turns serious this could be the last time you get to experience the excitement of dating. Don’t be in a hurry to cook him dinner and watch a dvd in your tracksuit. Don’t be in a rush to be comfortable. Draw out the excitement of dating as long as you can.
  10. Keep your own Life
    Don’t ever give up your friends and interests for a man. Don’t merge your life with theirs – allow some space.
  11. Remember you can’t Change a Man
    If you don’t like someone how they are then don’t date them. You seriously CANNOT CHANGE A MAN.

Happy dating.


By Debbie Rivers




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